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Corrupted files raped my mom :(

2008-04-01 15:16:45 by sw00t-team

The file with the sequal to Captain Sarcasm 1.1 got corrupted the other day, so I lost like... half a year of work and will have to rebuild the library before I can finish the movie.

This sucks ass!


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2008-04-01 20:07:34



2008-04-30 21:37:41

ive got an idea!!
why dont u download the file from NG and put it on a Flash file
i dont really know if that works
but im still learning this concept of Flash...

sw00t-team responds:

I didn't upload it yet, it wasn't finished :( And you can't download flash movies from NG anyway.


2008-07-01 22:11:44

I may not have the equipment to make cartoons but corruptions sucks and half a years work...all that work comes to waste and you have to redo that sucks ASS


2008-07-29 11:43:11

dont worrry u can do it again ;)


2009-03-29 17:58:51



2009-04-15 20:45:43

I was looking forward to that :(